Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is generally a modern or street style that is danced to hip hop music. Hip Hop has developed over the last 50+ years alongside Hip Hop culture. Arguably beginning in the Bronx of New York in the 1970’s, with breakdance and funk, it developed alongside “ghetto culture” and music to gradually become more and more mainstream.

Hip Hop dance can include breakdance, funk, upbeat, popping, locking, tutting, and it continues to constantly evolve, to now include more gymnastic and martial art influences, and krumping, slam and twerking. Part of it’s very nature is it’s continual innovation and change. It has developed so much that there are now styles of Hip Hop including commercial, street, lyrical and funk.

At RWSOD we ensure that our Hip Hop content is age appropriate and family friendly, while still cutting edge.

Students of Rory Williamson School of Dance use their dance society syllabus technical examination results towards VET technical competencies (with gap training) contained within the CUA Certificates in Dance qualifications provided directly by Australian Dance institute RTO 91600

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